Thursday, June 28, 2012

Traditional Beijing Salty Sweet Bean Paste Noodle

Ingredients: (Serving size 3)
2 cucumbers
8 shiitake mushrooms
1 firm tofu
5 green onions (1 bunch)
4 cloves garlic
bean sprouts (or other micro vegetable sprouts)
grated ginger
olive oil
rice cooking wine
salty soy bean paste
sweet noodle paste (see pictures below)
asian style wide noodles

3 secrects of this noodle dish:

1. 绍兴料酒
Shao Xing rice cooking wine

2. 黄酱( a salty fermented soy bean paste)
 pronounce: Huang Jiang 
direct translation: yellow paste
on the left

3. 甜面酱 (a sweet fermented soy bean paste)
pronounce: Tian Mian Jiang
direct translation: sweet noodle paste
on the right

As long as we use these 3 ingredients, we can change other vegetables in the dish and still make authentic Traditional Beijing Soy Bean Paste Noodle.

1. Heat up a pan with oil (larger amount is better). Add cubed firm tofu. Cook 5 mins until they start to brown on one side. 

2. Add chopped shiitake mushrooms, greated ginger and minced garlic. Cook 5 mins.

3. Add cubed cucumbers, 6 tbsp rice wine, 1 tbsp salty bean paste, 1 tbsp sweet bean paste.
Mix them well and cook 10 mins. Stir every 2 mins. 

4. Add chopped green onions 1 min before killing the heat.

5. Pour these veggies over the noodles. Top with some fresh bean sprouts.

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